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Rules & Regulations


Rules & Regulations (Discipline)


  • Students must be always polite to all fellow students, teachers and all other non teaching staff including helping staff and bus staff of the school.
  • Use of abusive language and harsh tones is not permissible in any situation
  • The students must be punctual to the school. Late arrival will be recorded in the diary. The students should also be punctual in reporting back to class after break, activity or lab classes.
  • Students of one class are not allowed to enter in other class rooms even during breaks.
  • Running, playing and shouting in corridors or class rooms is strictly prohibited.
  • Students loitering in school without a valid reason and/or permission are not allowed.
  • Students of all classes are strictly prohibited from bringing mobile phones, flash drives, I-Pods and any other gadget in the school.
  • Students should not carry much cash to the school. Students are also requested not to indulge in borrowing and lending of cash to other students.
  • Students should not be wearing gold or expensive ornaments to school. (including a watch)
  • Students are not allowed to wear fancy and colorful clothes except on birthdays or when specially permitted by the school authorities.
  • Students found possessing obscene literature in any form or any material which could be damaging to moral conduct of students will be dealt with very strictly.
  • Students are strictly restricted from indulging in substance abuse in any form in and out of the school.
  • The students must take care of the school property and belongings. Any damage to school property caused by the students will have to be made good at the parent’s expense.
  • The students are expected to be environment friendly. Wastage of electricity, water and damage to plants must be avoided without failure.
  • Students indulging in frequent arguments with fellow students or teachers will incur entry in the discipline cards maintained by the school. More entries in discipline cards may result into suspension of a student or expulsion in extreme cases.

Uniform and personal care


  • The students should take pride in wearing the uniform.
  • The students must have a valid identity card issued by the school throughout their presence in the school and out-door activities of the school.
  • The students must understand that wearing the uniform without all accessories is considered as incomplete uniform and is an insult to the uniform. Wearing unwashed crumpled, very tight or of smaller size for the students is considered as bad uniform. This will incur an entry in the uniform inspection record in the diary.
  • The boy students should have short hair. Punk and spikes or any trendy hair cut is not permitted.
  • The girl students must make two plaits (braids) or tie two pony tails. No girls will be allowed to keep her hair open unless very short. Ribbons or hair band if used should be plain black only.
  • Hats, caps, sweat bands and sun glasses are not allowed in the school.
  • No girl student will be allowed to wear make-up except on special function days.
  • Black shoes as per given design with regular school uniform and white canvas shoes with track suit will be worn by students
  • Only girl students will be allowed to wear small studs in the ears
  • Sikh boys and girls will be permitted to wear a Kada. Any other religious thread or locket if worn should be inside the shirt and should not be visible.
  • Girl students must wear white slip or camisole under their shirt, where as the boys will wear white vest under the shirt.
  • Tilak, bindi, nail polish and flowers in hair not permitted.
  • The belt issued or approved by the school only will be allowed.
  • Groupism and pairing of boys and girls is strictly prohibited in school
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