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Our Institution "MaaMaitrayini Yogini Secondary School", Gundi, Ara is situated in rural atmosphere having a clean & serene environment around. From its very inception in 21st Century it has its unique function regarding the career building & development of rural based learners. We chisel each & every individual student eliciting his or her talent in their respective field of choice. We impart some what different type of education than that from others. We enrich our all students the attitude of co-operation & harmonious behavior among them. We do cultivate & culminate true sense of education alongwith literal one. Not onlyRural folks but even the urban people attach special credit to this institution due to our team of dedicated teachers rendering their true services.

For the sake of students we have got not only full-fledged libraries/laboratoriesin physics, chemistry, zoology & botanybut in mathematics too. Extra curricular activities add extra feathers in the prestigious cap of this institution.More than 1100 students learn here alongwith proper computer systems too. Playing ground & hostel facilities do attract learners from urban population too. Our plying more than dozen of buses carry the students to & fro. We regularly welcome & manage Teachers Parents Association for the welfare & overall development of our students. As the founder of this school is the eminent reverend Aughar Saint having the only motto to impart the culture based scientific education among all the students irrespective of their caste creed, social or economic status. One slogan is displayed on every school buses "A lot of children are there but none is dispensable". It indicates institutional love & affection to all of the students.That’s why fragrance of our educational gravity is spreading day by day. But still our task is not over. Year by year our result would be better pouring the best brand alumni to the society & the nation.

With thanks, wish you all the best!