House System - M.M.Y.S School

M.M.Y.S Secondary School has a well-organized House System for instilling a spirit of healthy competition among students. To involve the students in the functioning and working of the school, the entire strength of the school has been divided into four houses with senior teachers as incharge and other staff members to assist, which have been named after some of the great River of modern India –

Names of Houses:

Ganga Yamuna Kaveri Krishna

All students of the school are encouraged to take part in regular inter-house competitions, instilling in them a sense of team spirit and healthy rivalry.The house activities are not just limited to sports but range from academic activities such as quizzes and spell bees,to art, dance and drama.

All the houses actively involve in the smooth systematic functioning of the school.

Each house remains on duty for one week & looks after:

1.	Morning Assembly.
2.	Discipline.
3.	News and current informations.
4.	Inter house competition.
5.	CPT Programme.

Every week a house is on duty, which means that its members deliver news and talk and stay on the Principal’s and Headmasters duty so that the school runs in clock- like precision.

There is also a Student Council for promoting leadership among students. They are groomed to be good planners, positive in attitude, grounded in teamwork, inspiring, innovative and creative. Members of the council have the responsibility to coordinate all house activities. Within the Student Council, we have student leaders such as the President, the Head Girl, Head Boy, Sports Captains, House Captains and Discipline In-Charges. The House System is carefully managed so that its objective of inculcating a healthy competitive spirit among students is effectively met.