In Service Teacher's Training

In Service Teacher's Training  - M.M.Y.S School

We recognize that an intensive and focused in-service training programme for the teachers is very essential for an effective teaching learning programmes .The format, content delivery and methodology is selected depending on the need and the nature of the group. The resource –persons are selected at various levels.

  • In house training is conducted by the principals and other HoD’s. Teachers who have developed special skills are also invited to conduct workshop.
  • External resource persons are also invited to impart training.
  • Teachers are encouraged to attend training workshops and sessions organized by other agencies.
  • One of the significant initiatives includes inviting Heads of Schools and teachers from other schools to take part in training sessions conducted at MMYSS. Some of the major sessions held at our school are listed below.

1. Six thinking Hats Prof Sandra Dingli, Univ of Malta
2. Having fun in the classroom Prof Renu Luthra, Director, GBS
3 E learning Mr Narinder Bhatia, CII
4 CCE by CBSE Mr Ashok K Pandey
5. Action Centered Leadership Mr Ian Thompson
6. Higher Order Questions in X & XII Prof Handoo
8. Face to Faith Programme Mr Ian Jamison and Ms Simmi Kher, Tony Blair Faith Foundation