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The M.M.Y.S School brings a world of knowledge to the students through 4,000 volumes books, alongwith educational and story CD's in English and Hindi, on a wide range of subjects. Students are encouraged to learn and refer to these books for wider and deeper understanding of the subjects of their interest. School also hopes to develop a full-fledged audio-visual library for instructions.

Students must maintain absolute silence in the library

  • The library books will be issued to the students of STD VIII onwards only during the library period.
  • The students may choose the book from the shelves. They must take the book to the librarian to get them issued. No student will take the book out of the library without the issue record entry by the librarian.
  • The students retaining the book beyond the date expected date of return will be charged a penalty at the rate of 10 Rs per day.
  • The books from the reference section will not be issued to take home.
  • Book borrowed from the library if lost or damaged, will have to be compensated by the cost plus penalty.
  • Students must not carry outside reading material to the library.
  • Silence must be maintained in the library at all times.
  • Eating or drinking is not allowed in library.