Instructions to parents  - M.M.Y.S School Instructions to parents  - M.M.Y.S School
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Instructions to parents

  • Parents are requested to read and understand the content of this diary at the onset of each academic year.
  • The parents should fill up all entries and sign where ever required in the diary.
  • The parents must inform the school their latest contact details and up date the office as soon as there is any change. If our instructions do not reach you due to change in contact details, the school holds no responsibility of any loss or damage.
  • The parents must check the diary of their ward every day and comply with the request made by teachers and school authorities.
  • The parents are not allowed to go to the classrooms during class hours. If they have any problem, they are requested to meet the Principal or Vice Principal for the respective sections. If found essential by any of them, the teacher will be called or parents may be allowed to go to the class.
  • The school does not recommend tuitions and does not permit its teachers to accept private tuitions.
  • Parents should try to attend all the Parents Teachers Meetings.
  • Our staff is trained to answer the parents politely. The parents are encouraged to bring forward their problems in a polite manner. Using harsh tones with the school staff or impolite behaviour by parents are not appreciated.
  • Parents are strictly prohibited from distributing gifts to students and staff on their ward’s birthdays. Only distribution of sweets without disturbing classes is permitted.
  • When a student remains absent in school for less than 3 days, a leave note must be sent in space provided in the school diary. If the leave is for more than 3 days, a separate letter addressing the Principal/Vice Principal must be sent with the student on the day of resuming. In case of planned holidays the leave letter must be submitted before going on leave. In case of absence due to sickness, a medical certificate accompanied by a parent’s note should be sent.
  • The child suffering from a communicable disease should be sent to school after taking a fitness certificate by the treating doctor.
  • If the child is having a medical history, the parents are requested to give information about the same to the school and the doctor’s contact numbers for emergencies.
  • Please do not send your child to school when sick, even during examination. Instead, send a letter and medical certificate as early as you can.
  • Paretns are requested to please Provide the proper uniform to your child.
  • Parents must pay the school fees in time to avoid in any late payments. Details of fees payments is mentioned in this diary under a separate heading.
  • Please note that in the event of an unexpected holiday during tests/examinations, the test / examination scheduled on that day will be held at a later date. The remaining tests / examinations will be conducted as scheduled.