We have a well equipped and well resourced school.

We are grant-aided by the Department of Education and Science, and helped by our staff and enthusiastic Parents' Association.

General Facilities General Facilities General Facilities General Facilities
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  • Playground
  • We in M.M.Y Secondary School are aware that play is so critically important to all children in the development of their physical, social, emotional and creative skills.We were delighted in September 09 that our dreams of an actual playground for the children became a reality. It is wonderful to see the children having so much fun while they are actively learning new skill.

  • Subject range
  • M.M.Y Secondary School teaches a very broad curriculum as outlined in The Revised New Curriculum.

  • The Multipurpose Hall
  • Our school hall facilitates our Physical Education lessons, Gymnastics lessons, our weekly assembly, concerts and many exciting curriculum related displays.

  • Music
  • It has a universal appeal. It mesmerizes both the performer and listener and delivers unique experience to all concerned .It is one of the key programmes that contribute itself successfully in the day today classroom curriculum of the school.

  • Dance
  • Coreography, physical postures to freeze tyrical attributes and further creating physical image visually with the help of vocal and instrumental support happens to be one of the intresting feature of school co-curicular activities.