From Principal's Desk

Dr. Anajani Kr Singh, M.A, M.Ed.,P.Hd Principal

Dr. Anajani Kr Singh

You all are welcomed in the new session. Today in the time of globalization importance of quality education is increasing day by day. Dear students it is the golden period of your life in which you can learn so many things for the further life. Your hard work, dedication, and keen sense of discipline can make your life easy and with the help of them you can achieve the biggest aims of your life.

So always ready to carry the commands of your teachers and parents. The parents are also requested to help us for the betterment of their wards. They should attend the parents meeting regularly and should confirm the progress of their child. Regular checking of the homework diary, books and uniform of the students make the students vigilant about their duty. The parents should be in the contact of class teacher or school. He should deliver his suggestions to the school authority time to time. Only it is the co-operation of the parents that can help us to make the bright future of the students. So always remember that your kind Co-operation and our guidance can make them the better and responsible Citizen of Tomorrow.