Computers, which have become a modern necessity of present day life, have been inducted in the school education, so that the student may learn about it right from very beginning of his/her life

Computer Lab - M.M.Y.S School Computer Lab - M.M.Y.S School
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M.M.Y Secondary School, Gundi, Saraiya, ARA (BIHAR) also has a grand set-up of computers starting from class I to class XII.

The lab is fully equipped with hardware and software resources. The school has latest configuration computers and peripherals so that they can also work in multimedia environment. For hardware maintenance a competent group of engineers has been assigned the responsibilities.

From time to time, programs and competitions of computer quizzes give boost to the students to upgrade their knowledge. The students have also won a number of prizes in different Inter school competitions. A well qualified faculty always supports students to achieve positive results. The school also conducts IT Skills Development Programme for other subject teachers, so that teachers can introduce new methods of teaching. The school is trying to impart computer education in such a way that after school days, the youth of India may fulfill the growing needs of Information Technology and industry to help the nation in every possible way

Students must maintain absolute silence in the Computer Lab

  • Students must not enter computer labs if teacher or lab assistant is not there.
  • The students must read and follow the rules of discipline displayed in computer lab,
  • Students must bring the computer notebook or lab records on all days of computer laboratory period.
  • The students should not load or delete programmes on school computers.
  • The students should access the files and programmes strictly as instructed by teacher and must not try to access any other programme or files saved in the computers of the lab. Using the CD, external hard disk or flash drives on school computers is strictly prohibited.