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Welcome to M.M.Y Secondary School

With a view to develop total personalities of poor of country sides, this school was established at Gundi about 13 KM away from Ara town (Bihar) in the arms of Nature in year 1999.

To satisfy the statement of Ravindra Nath Tagore "Nature is the Best Book". Maa Maitrayini Yogini Senoir Secondary School, has been eastablished in memory of "Maa Maitrayini Yogini", mother of "Aghoreshwar Bhagwan Ram Ji", great Saint of this Era who was born in this village. View behind this is to educate the poor kids of different villages, associated with Gunari to fulfill the dream of Aghoreshwar Bhagwan Ram Ji "My Village MY University" (Mera Vidyalay Mera Gaon) concept.

Main moto of this pious institution is to provide the entire modern facility to the kids of the country side to develop their total potential, personalities under the supervision of trained and scholar teachers. School is equipped with all related modern facilities which ensure that our ward inculcate good moral and social values, regard for goodness, fairness, justice, truth, compassion, code of ethic and lot more. We ensure that our ward gets an opportunity to face challenges of the life by participating in competition at different levels.