Managing Committe - M.M.Y.S School Managing Committe - M.M.Y.S School Managing Committe - M.M.Y.S School Managing Committe - M.M.Y.S School
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Maa Maitrayini Yogini Secondary School is managed by Aghoracharya Baba Kinaram Aghor Shodh Evam Seva Sansthan, Kring Kund, Ravindrapur, Varanasi ( U.P ) Education Society, a charitable non-profit Society presently chaired by Shri PARAMPUJYA BABA SIDDHARTH GAUTAM RAM JI. It is governed by eminent educationists, industrialists and social workers. The management does not discriminate between students on grounds of religion, caste, creed or social background. In fact, it is solely committed to providing quality education to as many students as it possibly can.

Name Designation Occupation
Mr. Ranjit Singh President Advocate
Mrs. Chinta Ozha Vice President Social Worker
Mr. Arun Gautam Manager Business
Mr. Rajdeep Singh Deputy Manager Business
Mr. Sanjay Singh Treasurer Press Reporter
Mr. Anjani Kumar Singh Member/Secretary Service
Dr. Madhu Singh Reader Teaching
Dr. O.P Singh Reader Teaching
Bharti Pandey Member
Meera Srivastava Member
Ashwini Kr Singh Teacher Representative
Rudra Prakash Teacher Representative Self Employed
Mr. Vijay Kumar Gupta Member /Guardian
Mr. Adarsh Kumar Diwedi Member/ Guardian
Mr. Ramawtar Singh Member
MR. Parashnath Singh Member
Mr.Chandrabhushan Singh Member